Having your own website is becoming commonplace these days. There are many development products out there, but how do you choose which one?

We tried a number of products while putting our own site together and settled on one. You see, we are not web developers. Though we've been in the IT business for a long  time, we never worked much in the website niche. We found a program called SiteSpinner by Virtual Mechanics that was just the ticket.  This program uses a WYSIWYG layout board, so putting things together is a snap... even for us "non-web" type of guys.

        - The price is right (at $49)
You won't go wrong with this product. We liked this product so much that we became an affiliate for them. Use our link to purchase their product and we'll get a small commission for the referral. You will pay the same amount for the product going to their site directly, or through us.

Unlike the big named development tools that charge hundreds of dollars, this one is as valuable as gold. Please consider this product if you are even thinking about doing a website. It may be just what you've been looking for.

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