Not too many years ago, if you wanted another server, you had to purchase the hardware. Before long, you had a large collection of noisy, energy consuming machines to maintain. Then came a revolutionary product called VMWare. VMWare literally changed how companies handle their IT infrastructure, and spawned a new industry... cloud hosting.

VMWare allows multiple virtual machines (could be a PC, windows server, or Linux) to run on a single physical host server. Larger companies have several physical hosts so they can have redundancy and take advantage of the higher end VMWare capabilities, but small companies can still benefit from VMWare with very little money.

VMWare has a free offering of their virtualization product called VSphere ESXi. Once installed onto a server, this software allows a company to run several virtual servers on that one physical machine. Instead of buying server hardware for each server you need, now you only need to buy one physical server and virtualize all your needed servers! Of course, the more resources the physical host has, the more available resources there will be for virtual machines. You get the picture.

Check out VMWare's website to learn more. I guarantee it will change the way your company does business! Contact us when you're ready to start virtualizing. You'll be glad you did!

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