We've tried lots of remote control products. The one we settled on is by Famatech,  and is called Remote Administrator (about $50 per PC/server). Yes, you can still use Remote Desktop or other free programs, but why would you? There are many reasons to use RAdmin as your remote control access program. Go to Famatech's website and look at the features for yourself!

You will need to purchase one (lifetime) license for each PC you want us to connect to. Once you buy the "server license" (the viewer piece is freeware), you can get free upgrades as new versions are released. Lots of tools are built into this version (like file transfer, chat,  encryption, and either native or NT security is available). 

Not a bad deal! Nearly all of our customers are using this product, so we can help get issues fixed quickly without ever coming to the office. Peace of mind and quick problem resolution at a low price.

We like this software so much that we became an affiliate for them. This means we receive a small commission if you purchase RAdmin through us. The good news is purchasing through us or directly through Famatech costs you exactly the same amount. Who you choose to give the commission to is your choice!

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