We've used lots of different power protection systems over the years, some good, but most are junk. Many people think they can buy a cheap surge protector from a home improvement store and have power protection. What they don't know can hurt them (or at least their expensive equipment)!

We highly recommend the fine products from American Power Conversion (APC). We have used their power equipment exclusively for over ten years. The "basic" surge protectors we recommend are the APC Pro8T units, though other models with slightly different features are available.

We have also used their battery backup units for individual workstations as well as the larger UPS units for servers. Simply go to their website and use their product chooser tool to get their recommendation for what UPS to support your equipment.

Be sure to have your users utilize the telephone surge protected ports in the telephone protected APC units. Fax machines and modems are very sensitive to transient spikes, and the APC surge protector will help stop these spikes.

Though we would tell users to be sure to use these ports when they installed the device, many would not. When we had a user call to tell us that their fax machine would not get a dialtone after last night's thunderstorm, we always asked if the fax line was plugged into the APC unit. It never was. A word to the wise...

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