Most low end routers are selected because they provide an inexpensive way to keep local network traffic isolated from the internet. The problem with low end routers & firewalls is they just don't do much, except to provide a false sense of security! You get what you pay for!

The good news is a company called Untangle. Go to Untangle's website and feast your eyes on all the details (you'll be there a long time, as it is a vast product). They even make a free version suitable for most smaller companies and SOHO users. The premium packages offered  rival "the big guys" for a fraction of the cost. 

All that is needed to protect a small company with Untangle is a P4 class PC or better with two network cards, a minimal hard drive, and about a gig of RAM. If you use VMWare, it is even possible to virtualize your Untangle server (if you have a small company)! Larger customers wanting all the goodies that Untangle offers will want beefier hardware to run Untangle (non-virtual server).  

I promise, after you read about Untangle, you'll throw away those low-end, cheesy firewall/routers and never look back!

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