We have been providing personalized computer support to residential, SOHO, corporate, and non-profit customers in South Central Texas since 1994.

Our goal is not only to resolve the problem at hand, but also to help our customers utilize their computer resources to the fullest. Many companies mistakenly look at computers and the associated IT staff as a "cost center". The truth is they are a "workforce multiplier". Like a strong foundation provides stability for a tall building; the computer network infrastructure is the foundation needed to ensure dependable operations for strong company growth.

Whether you have two computers or hundreds, we are the choice to set up the systems necessary to support your company's vision. Unlike some large support providers, we take the time to learn your operations and tailor our support to meet your needs. 

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: This picture is obviously not something we have here in Texas! It is a view from below the awesome 8000m high ( 26,000ft ) Annapurna mountain range in the Himalayas. We want to express our thanks to Ronen Barak for this tremendous picture.

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